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Mack, 38 Телец, Saint Louis | shawnmcpike | love.susya.ru
Physically, I may not be the best looking guy in the world, but I have a great flirty, funny personality. Oh yeah and I can swing some Great cock. Never had a complaint. ;)


  • Был 21 января 2018 в 02:41
  • 0
38 лет, Телец
United States of America, Saint Louis
Я ищу
  • Я ищу девушку от 18 до 39 для секса.
Свободно о себе
  • I am fun and flirty and a little devilish, but very easy to talk to
Кого я хочу найти
  • Anything. Just ask
Личная информация
  • 185 см, 75 кг, спортивное телосложение, рыжие волосы и голубые глаза, есть татуировки.
  • Свободен
  • Возможны в будущем
  • Дом, коттедж
  • Есть
  • Среднее
  • Очень хорошо зарабатываю
  • Marketing Director
  • Не курю, к курящим отношусь нейтрально
  • Выпиваю иногда в компаниях
  • Английский(родной); Французский(средний); Испанский(начальный)
  • BS in Marketing
  • Everything from Little Big Town to Kanye to Allison Krausse to U2, Linkin Park and Coldplay
  • The Usual Suspects, Gone
  • Stephen King and I write and am published
  • Chicken Lasagna, Cheeseburger Casserole and anything Mexican
  • I love Vegas, and San Francisco but my favorite is Miami, mainly due to the weather.
    Internationally, my favorite city is Barcelona, Spain.
  • Golf, travel, artist & writer
  • Anywhere you are... ;)
  • A. Ifht of my face buried in your peach for hours.
  • Not taking chances/sitting still/playing it safe.
  • It has one. Suffice it to say.
  • Yorkie and a couple cats.
  • Sense of humor, personality, am very romantic and flirtatious and a little devilish, teasing you in public. Oh and my large but bit too large thick cock too.
  • I am not a patient guy. Is it possible to love licking you too much? If so, that’s another one. Hehe ;)
  • I lead social media for AT&T
  • Skydiving.
  • Politics and Reality shows.
  • I think it shows a Mack I’d intelligence, except when you are orgasming. Then it is super hot and a turn-on. :)